The  ECOCABIN makes an ideal tiny home, granny flat, holiday cabin, or backyard office. The simple floor plan and standard construction details ensure that it is economically buildable using readily-available off-the-shelf materials and conventional construction techniques. It has an elevated timber-framed floor supported by posts making it suitable for level, sloping, or poorly drained sites, but can also be built on a concrete slab-on-ground if preferred.  It is dimensioned to accommodate standard-sized wall sheets, floor sheets, and roof sheets in easily-handled sizes to minimise the amount of wastage and cutting required, and to allow the large majority of work to be carried out by one person if necessary. In Australia and New Zealand, the entire list of materials, including structural components, windows, doors, kitchen cupboards, and fittings can be ordered from Bunnings, making it essentially a kit home which can be built on site in a few weeks by a small team of tradesmen. 

A complete set of detailed construction drawings, including a comprehensive materials order list with accurate and up-to-date cost estimates will be available for purchase on this website as soon as the prototype is completed, some time before the end of 2023.

Ecoventure Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 002169842)  trading as The SOLARHOME Project
24 Pars Rd Greens Beach Tasmania 7270  Australia