OFFGRID-INSTYLE homes are specifically designed to be as affordable as possible while requiring very little energy for thermal comfort in both hot and cold climates; making them perfect for low-cost living or off-grid situations requiring a solar power system. Their super efficient design naturally regulates solar access at different times of the year, and uses high levels of insulation throughout, with double or triple glazing.  They're also robust, low-maintenance, stylish, and can easily be modified to comply with maximum bush fire and cyclone ratings.  The complete list of materials for the ECO-CABIN range of designs (including windows, kitchen cabinets, and fixtures) can be ordered from Bunnings, making them essentially a kit home that can be economically built on site by a small team of local carpenters just about anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.  Detailed construction drawings and comprehensive materials order lists are available for purchase on this website.