The SOLARHOME Project was established with the aim of designing a totally emission-free off-grid house; an affordable high-quality house that will not only minimise operational energy consumption (allowing it to be powered entirely by solar-charged batteries with no need of a generator or grid backup) but will also withstand the ravages of time and harsh weather (including severe tropical storms and bushfires), age gracefully with little maintenance, and never go out of fashion - to create a stylish modern home that is durable, practical, and comfortable in most climates; while using standard building materials and conventional construction techniques so that it can be easily built just about anywhere in the world.

A prototype of the SOLARHOME was built during 2016 at Greens Beach on the north coast of Tasmania in order to test its performance in a challenging climate.  After twelve months trial the house has exceeded expectations;  remaining warm (around 20°C), comfortable, and emission free throughout a cold Tasmanian winter, and cool (less than 26°C)  during the hottest summer days, while operating seamlessly; totally on solar-charged batteries with no grid connection, no generator backup, and no gas, oil, coal, or wood fire for heating or cooking.  And It's now available for short-term holiday rental.

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