A Great Awakening

by David Macfarlane

If you're worried sick about climate change, or just tired of hearing from people you suspect know nothing about the science and even less about life, you'll feel a lot better after reading this book.  But if you really believe that humans are destroying the planet and we're heading towards a climate catastrophe, you really  need to read it, because it will probably change your life.  CLIMATE SENSE  is written by a committed environmentalist after years of research and many more years of practical experience working with off-grid solar power systems.  It takes readers on a fascinating journey, digging deep to explore the philosophy, psychology, politics, and science behind the modern 'environmental' movement of climate change.  Written in an easy-to-read entertaining style, the conclusion may surprise many, but it challenges the reader to become better informed and think deeply about this vitally important and increasingly controversial issue.  Reviewed by American atmospheric physicist Dr Richard Lindzen (lead author of the IPCC's Third Assessment Report on climate change), who wrote: "I loved your book. You seem to have successfully avoided the technical issues that befuddle non-scientists and have relied on logic and common sense (that also, alas, befuddle part of our elite, but are nonetheless more accessible to those with somewhat open minds)."

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