The SOLARHOME Project was an idea developed by entrepreneur/building designer David Macfarlane, managing director of Ecoventure Pty Ltd, who spent two years researching and developing the SOLARHOME design, then a further six months building the prototype at Greens Beach, which was performance tested for nine months before being made available for holiday rental.  And the house has exceeded expectations in regards to energy efficiency, power system performance, and comfort.  Fully detailed construction drawings are now available for purchase on this website.

David Macfarlane first studied Engineering at Sydney Uni, followed by Building at Sydney Tech, then spent twelve years designing and building houses in and around Sydney;  after which he returned to uni to complete a BSc in Architecture at UNSW.  Between 1994 and 2007 he designed, built, and operated one of Australia's first purpose-built eco-lodges.  More recently, in 2014 David completed a Masters in Sustainable Building Design at Oxford Brookes Uni while developing the SOLARHOME concept.  David can be contacted by email:

Ecoventure Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 002169842)  trading as The SOLARHOME Project,  24 Pars Rd Greens Beach Tasmania 7270  Australia