What started out as The Solarhome Project eventually morphed into OFFGRID-INSTYLE.  And the goal focused on developing a range of energy-efficient, affordable home designs (including detailed construction drawings and materials order lists) which can be purchased online so that a small, but comfortable and robust home can be quickly, easily, and economically built onsite just about anywhere in the world by a couple of local carpenters or experienced handymen.

All drawings are prepared by accredited building designer David Macfarlane, whose formal qualifications include a Building Certificate (Sydney Tech), BSc Architecture (UNSW), and MSc in Sustainable Building Design (Oxford Brookes).  Completed projects include Tamar Solarhome in northern Tasmania, plus one of Australia's first purpose-built solar-powered off-grid resorts, now trading as Elysian Island Retreat.

OFFGRID-INSTYLE  and TAMAR SOLARHOME are owned and operated by Ecoventure Pty Ltd.  Managing director David Macfarlane can be contacted at: davemac713@yahoo.com